Gillette has announced a new dawn for their brand on Monday when they released their advert that appeals to men to, well, be better. The ad, which has mostly been praised across the internet, touches on #MeToo, bullying and sexual harassment.

According to Out: Gillette launched the campaign after conducting a study of 1,188 U.S. adults about what it means for a man to be “at his best.” The results emphasized “soft” skills like honesty, moral integrity and respect.

The ad demonstrated this by showing men intervening when they see women being preyed on, and younger boys fighting each other, without sweeping it under the carpet with a broom made of ‘boys will boys’ excuses.

Naturally, the ad has angered and outraged men who like things the traditional way: men superior to women, and little boys that don’t cry. Unsurprisingly, Piers Morgan is the first to protest for such things.

He tweeted that the advert may “drive [him] away”… but like, how far? Mars? That’d be one hell of an accomplishment from Gillette.

The grumpy old man’s Twitter has become a tirade against the advert, which we’re wondering if he’s reading differently to us. With others claiming the move is an “attack on men”: so that’s why they’re upset – men are only when they’re the ones attacking.

But other’s weighed in outlining that these men are the reason why the ad has been made.

The never directly asked any man to stop being masculine or butch. All it did was ask them to man-up and curb their bad behaviour, but the fact that so many men can’t get their head around the concept (the ads YouTube dislike greatly outweigh the likes) demonstrates exactly how much of an epidemic it is.