You might think that the perverted things you tweet about celebrities will never be seen by them, but with BuzzFeed pedalling out celebrities reading thirst tweets, you just never know.

This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia takes the wet seat this week, learning about his own big dick energy. Surprisingly, Ventimiglia hadn’t heard of BDE before. But when another tweeter speculates on his endowment, Milo replies: “well, I do have Venti in my name…”

Our fave thirst tweet is the one we’ve used as titular allurement: “I want Milo Ventimiglia to suffocate me with his thick asscheeks and break my neck”. If you’re yet to see Milo’s “thick asscheeks”, then the hype around This Is Us is likely lost on you.

You’ll want the tissues for your tears and your joy juice.

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