The channel 4 dating show, where contestants see each other’s genitals before the colour of their eyes, is a true fave of ours here at C&C. Perhaps you’ve considered braving your bits for Naked Attraction, here’s what you can expect before the show.

“You have to go up for an interview in London”, explains twice contestant Steve, “You’re standing there for an hour or so chatting about relationships, and then they go “strip naked’, and you’re like ‘what?’

“I thought I’d have the opportunity to go out the room, give it a little wiggle and then come back in again, but you don’t, you have to take your clothes off in front of them.”

Jeez! Producers telling you to take your clothes off for an audition sounds like part of the #MeToo movement.

“It’s horrendous!” he laughs, “But then you get used to it and it’s OK… but I kept worrying I’d get a hard-on.”

Hmm, maybe the producer was hot.

Once contestants make it onto the show, they see the other guys that’ll be in the boxes for the first time in the changing room before. They then take to their boxes naked, where the camera crew film then get the individual body shots of each contestant they need:

“They take about 20 minutes on each person just filming the close-ups, so you’re in the boxes for a couple of hours before they even bring the chooser out,” explains Steve.

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DANG… no this isn’t a quickie job. You’ll be naked in that box for approximately 4-5 hours altogether. But hey, if you’re not body shy or have claustrophobia, you’ll be grand!

“But it is very empowering, it makes you feel as if you’ve challenged yourself!” he concludes.

Kind of like skydiving for the 21st century.