Love Island‘s Chris Hughes does more than just streak across tennis courts and play naked pranks on his bestie Kem. The reality star was doing his bit for testicular cancer awareness by having his nads checked on This Morning.

Hughes opened up about having previously had four operations on his left testicle before opening his robe and showing his scar. He explained:

“I was around 14 and I noticed like a build up of veins and eventually got it looked at [six years later, aged 20] and they referred to hospitals and I ended up having three operations on my left testicle, and that was more down to safety with infertility, because the veins take oxygen.”

He also went on to reveal that both his brothers are infertile (although one managed to have a ‘miracle baby’) and his cousin had testicular cancer.

Hughes was commended on social media for baring his balls, with viewers branding him “brave” and an “absolute HERO”.