John Duff is tired of the masc-4-masc culture and is embracing his femme qualities in a catchy pop jam that recreates iconic music video moments of legendary divas. And he’s roped in Drag Race alumni’s Bianca Del Rio and Willam to help.

The track ‘Girly’ sees Duff replicate Mariah’s Heartbreaker, Britney’s Stronger, and Madonna’s Hung Up, Beyoncé’s Crazy In Love, and Christina’s Come On Over. And the set design and costumes are on point!

Referring to the concept of the song, Duff told GSN that he “hated” his own feminity, despite never hating women.

‘Women are incredible – and if you deny femininity you are insulting women as a whole,’ he explained further. And what better way to embrace his effeminate traits than with a hair-flipping camp pop tune? Listen below: