We hope you’ve had your brunch already, and if not, we’re guessing you won’t be having eggs. A man from the Netherlands had been hospitalized after turning himself into a human hen and inserting 15 hard-boiled eggs up his bum, while high on party drug G. (Although we’re pretty sure that kind of behaviour ruins parties).

The 29-year-old who was taking G – frequently used to fuel sex parties between trashy gay men – with his partner, suffered from stomach pains and had to be taken to hospital when the eggs tore his intestinal wall.

So we’re guessing anal beads are passé now?

“Upon arrival, the patient had tachycardia [high heart rate] and tachypnoea [rapid breathing]. Physical examinations showed abdominal guarding over the entire stomach,” reports Dutch mag Healthcare.

After a laparotomy, a surgical incision into the abdominal wall, the eggs were removed and the rupture they caused was repaired.

Damn, we hope that’s a lesson learned. That’s definitely some next level high, but also how did the boyfriend just sit there, and go “haha yeah go on babe, bet you can’t fit 15 up there lol”.

Afterward, the man was monitored in intensive care for several days before going home. Bet he was clucking for a shot after that ordeal.