The nut-job right-wing mothers of Mumsnet are voicing their batshit beliefs again. And this time it’s against Tom Daley and his husband Dustin Lance Black, who’s surrogate has just given birth to their son, Robert.

Yes, unsurprisingly, the same twots that lead radical campaigns against transgender inclusivity believe that a child without it’s mother is child abuse.

The group of mothers, who clearly have extremely busy schedules, managed to fit in time to sit around the house all day whinging about the lives of others, and an assortment of other things that don’t concern or affect them. In a thread regarding Tom Daley specifically, one commenter wrote:

The comment has since been deleted; perhaps even the moderator could see this was pure drivel.

While others referred to them as “vile entitled men.” Um, excuse me, queen? You can’t hate on gays and then adopt our terminology, and “vile” is our word for backward online trolls like you.

How you gonna answer your own child when they ask what they were like growing up? Oh, I don’t know, mummy just put you in the cot so she could go to work as a part-time keyboard warrior. Get a grip. But more importantly, get a life.

While some went off on debating the concept of surrogacy at all and whether new parents should be choosing to adopt over having a newborn (a debate which is far bigger than just Tom Daley and his husband), others jumped in to defend them and their surrogate;

“How patronising of you to dictate how this woman should be allowed to use her body.

“I think if I was younger I could happily act as a surrogate and would be proud to do so. She may well not want to be mentioned in public and we have no idea how they all interacted in private and quite frankly it’s none of our business.”

Let’s leave things there, shall we?