The annual Greeks Come True calendar, which provides us with year-long eye candy, have had their Instagram account deleted indefinitely.

Despite “many appeals through the platform and email, for nearly two months”, the brand has received nothing but automated responses. *Eye roll*

They’ve since compiled an open response to IG, detailing:

“We have always strived to promote a healthy, archetypal image of male beauty, one that echoes our cultural heritage as Greeks while in addition challenges the norms imposed by mainstream media.”

Greeks Come True go on to outline that their posts have always been “carefully planned” regarding the platform’s guidelines, while blasting them for the ratio of nude females to males.

Earlier this year, the Warwick Rowers had their account removed indefinitely also, but due to worldwide coverage blasting the app for pulling a charity-supporting account, it was reinstated. Although, will Instagram be as lenient when there isn’t charity work involved?

Well, for the sake of our wank banks, we can only hope…