Models can get a lot of stick; mostly due to the stereotype that they’re as smart as a tube of toothpaste. But as we’ve seen with the likes of Keegan Whicker, it’s definitely possible to have the brains and beauty. God must’ve just got laid, and was just feeling extra generous them days.

Andrea Moscon has walked the runway at Milan fashion week, been featured in Vogue Italy and been the *soul* of Footlocker’s  2016 campaign. But amongst that – and the huge online following he’s amassed – Moscon managed to get his head down at school, and become as doctor in kinesiology.

We’re not exactly sure what that entails, (kinesiology is the study of body movement). Or whether it just means he has the qualifications to be a chiropractic doctor, but chose to sell teeth whitening kits on the ‘gram. We’d let him get his hands on us any day.

OK, so he may not be saving your life if you choke over dinner, but hey, at the very least, he’s got a degree. Most of the men we’ve dated got out a student loan just so they could snort it.

Check out his sizzling portfolio below: