While judges of UK talent show are looking for a winner that possess the X Factor, they’re definitely not short on contestants who have the X-rated Factor. Yes, as well as talent, they often also possess a lot of nudes.

Although having said that, these Greek twins, who go by the name of Pretty Boy Karma who auditioned last year, didn’t have much talent. Apart from being cruise-ship versions of Justin Bieber. It would be fair to say their audition was dreadfully cringe. Watch it at your own peril.

Not unlike the audition, brother Phillip is just as unashamed with his Snapchat requests. One of his posts, from Thanksgiving, praised “twinks with tight butts”, while another video of his abs encouraged bottoms to snap him. A top with 5 seconds of fame… snap you up more like!

OK, I’m just gonna say it… you two gonna get a joint OnlyFans or wha?