Ever since Ariana Grande tweeted about her fiancé’s hefty package, the internet has been a little bit obsessed with Pete Davidson. While simultaneously understanding how she ended up engaged within a month; although it’s not just because he’s allegedly packing 10 inches; it’s his BDE.

That’s Big Dick Energy.

Yeah apparently Pete’s got it. And Rihanna. Yeah, that’s the thing with BDE, you don’t actually have to have a big dick to have it. Or even a dick for that matter.

Big dick energy is more than just confidence, and it’s not overcompensating either. Big dick energy is a vibe, an aura, that one exudes via an attitude of charisma, self-assurance, and having people and good things (including sex) gravitate toward you because of that.

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“Big dick energy, as the best sexter I know put it to me last night, is inadvertently seeing yourself in the front-facing camera on your phone and not immediately wanting to die,” wrote Vice.

So yes, despite it’s name, big dick energy actually has nothing whatsoever to do with the size of your dick. I can count a few men who are hung like donkeys but don’t possess an inch of BDE. Similarly, guys with average to small dicks can bowl around like they’re the shit.

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But people can’t seen to quite agree on what exactly it means to them, or who exactly has it – although we think that’s all part of the fun. Although pretty much everyone can agree that Cate Blanchett has it, The Cut also suggests Justin Bieber, Justin Theroux, Idris Elba and Martha Stewart (obvs).

Who doesn’t?

Well, in our opinion: Vanessa Williams, Brandon Flynn, Colin Farrell, Mark Wright, Sarah Paulson, and Miss Vanjie.

But ultimately, because vibes are subjective, BDE is something you just have to feel in your gut, (pun intended).