A global study has revealed that gays are bigger wankers than straights; only in that we masturbate more. A global survey quizzed 13,000 people from 18 countries, of all ages (18 – 74) for Masturbation May (apparently that’s a thing now).

TENGA are the adult intimacy brand behind the study, revealing that the average age at which gay/bi people began masturbating was 13, while it was 15 for our heterosexual counterparts. We’re also 23% more likely to masturbate weekly.

Are we horny bastards? Or just single af?

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97% of us have admittedly to trying to masturbation, while 87% of the straight population claim to have. As if they’re are that many people that haven’t even touched themselves; it must be against their religion or something. That’s legit the only reason I can think of.

We’re also quite gabby when it comes to our “self love”; with 71% of us enjoying a bit of cocktalk with friends, while only 44% of heterosexuals discuss sex and masturbation. Did Carrie Bradshaw did you bitches NOTHING?!

50% of people thought that we’d benefit from discussing these kinds of topics more openly.