If there’s one thing Grace & Frankie is lacking, it’s a little eye candy. If only to off-set the highly annoying Sol. That kid who used to be a junkie is kinda cute, in an ex-junkie kinda way.

Deklin may be recognised for his role, as the Gabrielle’s passing fancy in Desperate Housewives. He also starred in Devious Maids and Nip/Tuck.

Although we haven’t seen as much of him as we did in his latest cameo on the Netflix hit, alongside Jane Fonda.

We haven’t caught up on the series yet, but it looks as if Deklin is propositioning Sol and Robert for a three-way. You wouldn’t say no, would you? Especially not if you had Sol slobbering on your knob nightly.

Their reactions too? Everyone knows when a hunk brings you cake, you put down the whisk and pick up a spoon.