We’ve all become extremely accustomed to seeing inspirational quotes all over our IG feed; but rather than encouraging you to ‘Dream Big’ or ‘Work Hard’, this account is encouraging its users to ‘Quit Grindr’.

I mean, it’s a funny little Grindr bubble us gays live in sometimes, but ‘Quit Grindr’ isn’t getting sucked in (or sucked off) so easily. Speaking to C&C, the man behind the account, Ed, sounds off on why he created it:

“The gay community is excessively hook-up orientated, and it’s something that I’ve never felt a part of”.

He goes on to argue that sex isn’t a bad thing, “but when it’s just for the sake of fucking, you start seeing people as disposable, which is very sad and discouraging”. PREACH, SISTAH.

We all know that talking to men IRL can be daunting to say the least, and herein lies the problem: “The apps are making it so ‘easy’, that there’s no need to approach men and start a conversation,” Ed continues, “hence, gay men are not developing their social skills.”

His posts range from humorous to thought-provoking. Where do you stand? Ready to quit Grindr?

Check out the page here.