Last week Playboy took a huge step forward, when they unveiled their stunning new playmate, Ines Rau, but not everyone was behind their progressive decision. Former playmate and “Queen of porn” Jenna Jameson took cocks out of her mouth long enough to make some pretty harsh comments.

Jameson took to her Twitter account to vent: “I think it’s setting fire to an iconic brand and pandering to this ridiculous PC world we live in.” She went on to tell Fox, “I just think it’s a ridiculous attempt by Playboy to stay relevant. It is a foolish decision that alienates its consumer base.”

HMM, or perhaps it’s an attempt to broaden the Playboy readership from closed-minded straight men. Perhaps it’s an attempt to damned the stigma within the trans community. Perhaps it’s an attempt to snatch a gorgeous model for it’s pages.

Jameson continued to dig a hole bigger than her own: “I have a problem with it just like I have a problem with a transgender competing against biological women in sports.”

OH, so that’s what you scared of, henny? Competition. She worried that a woman who used to be a man, gonna turn men on more than her busted ass. And rightly so, as Ines is stunning, so um yeah, bitch you better be shook.

After receiving plenty of criticism, Jameson feebly attempted to defend her comments, while denying being transphobic:

“Just because Miss USA won’t let me compete (because I’m an ex pornstar) doesn’t mean they don’t love me I love my gay and trans peeps.”

Girl… We don’t want you.

“Just because I don’t agree with a trans person being in Playboy doesn’t mean I’m “transphobic” .People these days with all their “phobics”.

Right before she went on to ‘like’ a string of transphobic tweets. OH, so you’re no transphobic, you just support those who are? The fuck man, somebody put a dick back in this chick’s mouth.

Jenna liked tweets that called trans people “faggity little freaks”, and “mentally ill”.