Arab American actor, and star of 90s flick Nurse Jackie, Haaz Sleiman came out in a candid video tweet, claiming that he wants to help battle bigotry after statistics revealed that more LGBT+ people have already died this year than the whole of last year.

While some media outlets are labelling the video as “emotional”, we’re not quite sure we’d go that far. In fact, watching, we were more like – R U OK HUN?

In the one-minute clip, Slieman states: “I am a Muslim, Arab, American, Gay Man”. He then goes on to inform watchers that he’s “also a bottom.” But not just any old bottom. He is a “total bottom”. Perhaps Haaz is campaigning for some offers as well the community.

Slieman warned homophobes, with a line that sounded like it was pulled straight from an episode of Buffy: “If you ever come to me, to kill me just because I’m gay, I will destroy you.” I mean, Willow easily could’ve said that. Maybe Tarantino should have cast him in Reservoir Dogs instead. J/k miss thing!


[H/t: Huff Po]