“What’s your number?” is the question that all ‘popular’ people hate to answer. And if you’ve ever wondered whether you’ve whored it about a little too much, one website claims to have the answer. (HINT: Yes, you have).

A dating site, designed for miserable married folk to order a tasty side hoe, has revealed the results of a poll taken by its users. Apparently the “perfect” amount of people to bed before you croak is 12. YES, TWELVE. A dozen. The same number of disciples Jesus had, and that same number a lot of us said bye to in our twenties. I mean, are these participants part of the priesthood?

Around 40 percent of men claimed that between 10 and 14 sexual partners is “the perfect amount”.

But, are these men who married their childhood sweetheart too soon and then had 11 affairs? Clearly we can’t take this advice from adulterers as Bible. That’d be like asking Donald Trump to run Americ… Oh, wait.

The site states that the number reflects people who are “sexually adventurous, liberal and transient”. So there you have it – we’re all sluts.

While less than 10 partners  “sexual inexperience and a lack of adventure in the bedroom”, which to be fair, is true. VIRGINS. But more than 19 suggests “someone is too eager to jump from partner to partner, or simply too selfish and very difficult to please.” Or maybe it just reflects people that have been single for a substantial amount of time? Or a few weeks if you live in West Hollywood…

[H/t: Attitude]