Valentine’s may widely be recognised as the “most romantic day of the year”, when couples get engaged, ravage each other’s brains out in a posh hotel with full-bellies from a fancy meal, or even a simplistic cinema date – but this year singles are getting in on the love… With themselves. And we’re not referring to masturbation – though we reckon most of you will do that a few times today as well.

Singles are using the hashtag #BeYourOwnValentine to promote self-love, as well as spoiling themselves with cars, holidays, jewellery and chocolate, that they won’t receive from another half. Demonstrating that Valentine’s is perhaps no longer a day to cry into a tub of Hagan Daaz while listening to Adele, before drinking six bottles of wine and sexting all your ex’s – but rather a day to celebrate love, with yourself as well as others.

Have you treated yourself this Be-Your-Own Valentine’s Day?


Happy #Valentines to me #treatyourself #someonehasto

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Love Yourself First. ? #valentinesday #treatyourself #eat #pizza

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Today I made myself this cake because #beyourownvalentine.

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Even brands are jumping onboard…