After endless rumours, the cast of Will & Grace will definitely be returning this year! In a recent interview with HOMOSEXUAL Beverly Leslie (I repeat, Beverly Leslie the HOMOSEXUAL) – played by Leslie Gordon – he confirmed that entire case, hopefully including Rosie gobbling down on a chicken leg, will be back for a 10 episode stint for NBC. Hmm, we were kinda hoping that Ketflix would’ve picked this up (girl, you know we love a binge-watch) but this is totally just as good. To listen to the interview with KPBS radio, click here.

Last year, the crew returned for a 10 minute political episode, and with over 6 million views, the fans arrived for it. With a third Sex and the City film also confirmed, could 2017 be the year of the reunion? C’mon someone get the Desperate Housewhores together please? We’d love to see those girls back on-screen too.

[H/t: GetListy]