When Tinashe first posted a selfie of her and Britney on-set of a new video, we prayed it wouldn’t be another anti-climax, (see: Pretty Girls feat. Iggy Azaela). And fortunately, it wasn’t. But we had a feeling it was gonna be some good shit the second a surgically-enchanced Britters stepped out a car in front of a mansion. She looks flawless, of course. Rocking that trademark ratty Brit hair/extensions that we’ve all loved since Slave 4 U.

With a title like Slumper Party, Britney could’ve really pushed this vid into ‘sex tape’ territority, but she kept it fun which works too. And you know if we saw a man that looked like him at the party, we’d be crawling along the table like a twink in a Sugar Daddies penthouse, too. The choreography is a little basic, but we’re still living, even if it’s mostly smoke and mirrors.

Tinashe’s cameo is the perfect addition for this song too. COME THROUGH, GYALS.