Phi Phi O’Hara is a bitch with an attitude problem. That much is true. The girl can blame that on “editing” or whatever she wants, but let me just say: Bullshit translates. People that play games – especially on TV shows – make me laugh, as though they’re not being filmed from ten different angles; as though they might overlook your attempts to stab a few people in the back.

It’s no secret that’s she’s been having a tough time lately, and while I would love to say I’m sorry to hear that, one knows better than to interrupt karma while she’s doing her thing. She openly admitted that she wasn’t a good person on season four, insisted that she had changed and was here to prove she had grown. OH, is that what you were doing when you tried to turn everyone against Alyssa? Is that what growth looks like? Fairly certain it’s not, hun. For you to blatantly say that she threw other people under the bus, when what she actually did was sit there and categorically not do that, is not only snakey – it’s amateur. WE SEE YOU, PHI PHI.

If I’m walking into that dressing room, and I’m gonna rant about someone, you better believe that if they’re standing right behind me (or in front of me behind a trick mirror), that yeah I’m gonna feel bad, but I’m not gonna drop a turd on the work room floor, like you did chica.

Then claiming that Alyssa was upset that you “called [her] out”. Only, you waited for her to get eliminated before you started running your gums. Chat shit and then quiver when there’s repurcussions – just like the keyboard warriors who are currently trolling you. If you can’t take it babe, you really shouldn’t attempt to give it. The only thing worse than a snake, is a worm with delusions of grandeur.

Then she decides to apologise to Alyssa, because she knew it could potentially harm her; every move calculated for her own personal gain. And yet, when she is eliminated she refuses to hug her? But I thought you squashed it, girl? Wow – you really have grown so much; storming off the stage with your hard-done-by snarl. We all knew you were a loser, you just didn’t know you were a sore one. Whether you think the decision is fair or not, take it in your stride, have some poise, elegance, maturity – just like the other competitors. All I know is, if you thought you could fool an entire team of queens, you’re more like a fox than a worm; cunning – and dumb.

And even when you’re up for elimination, you’re still trying to stir that cauldron between Detox and Tatiana. *HISS*. You clearly still have growing up to do, and maybe quitting drag is the way to do that. To be fair, you were extremely mediocre everywhere other than the runway anyway.

Drag isn’t the problem babe, it’s you. So unless you remove the bitterness when you take off your wig, nobody is ever gonna warm to you. Although, having watched one’s precalculated snakiness – I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if this was all a ruse to get the public back on her side again.

Is it fair that Phi Phi received death threats? Of course not. Nobody should ever take a TV show that seriously. But is it wrong that she was trolled for showing her true colours? Meh. If you don’t wanna be trolled, don’t go on TV and act like a bitch. Why should we give sympathy to a bully when they get bullied? That’s their cue to step back and learn a damn lesson, you know, like the one she said she’d learnt upon returning.