This week in the midst of her Rolodex Of Hate tour, everyone’s favourite quick-witted queen, and winner of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, Bianca Del Rio took time out of jet-setting, , and verbally massacring her nearest and dearest to have a little Cocktails & Cocktalk with our editor Anthony Gilét.

FUCK, MARRY OR KILL: Courtney Act, Sharon Needles or Violet Chachki? 

I’d marry Courtney because I love her… I don’t really wanna fuck either of the other two. I guess I’d fuck Violet, and kill Sharon because everybody wants to kill Sharon.

TRUTH: What’s the worst date you’ve ever had?

Oooh, worst date! I mean, I don’t know if I’ve ever really had one, I mean I haven’t been on a date in years. I mean, I’ve been a whore – but dates?

Who’s nudes were better Justin Bieber’s or Pearls?

Eww God, neither. I’m not into talentless children. Just kidding, Justin Bieber has talent.

Who’s the biggest bitch you’ve ever met?

[Outside of Ru Paul’s…] Pati La Pone. She was just her. She was just being Pati La Pone; she’s a diva and just what you expect her to be.

So tell us about the tour:

So we’re travelling with the show, and it’s the first time we’ve filmed it, so you can watch it in the privacy of your own home. It was an experience and I was very excited when they came to me and wanted to record it. So I’m now working on my next one which will start next spring…

And who’s in your Rolex of Hate:

Oh, everybody and everything! I talk about it all; those from Drag Race and my experiences, everything that made me the hateful bitch you’re talking to today.

Is there a difference between American humour and British humour?

Not at all. If you have free drinks and I have free drinks, then we’re all laughing at the same thing! It’s surprising how that translates!

A friend of mine saw the show in New York, and said it was hilariously controversial…

Well, that’s very complimentary, but what I have to say is – it’s the truth. “Ooh, it’s controversial…” Bitch, please, it’s the truth! I think people, especially American’s have lost that sense of humour, because everyone’s SO fucking sensitive! “You can’t say that, it’s politically incorrect”. Oh, shut the fuck up – I’m a man in a wig wearing a dress, I can say whatever the fuck I want. If you don’t like it leave!

*Whole-heartedly concours*

And most of the time it’s the gays! If you can take a dick in your ass you can take my jokes.

If you swap lives with somebody for a day who would it be?

Really, nobody… You know, Adele. I’d like to be Adele just for this week. You never really know what’s going on in people’s lives, you sit back and think ‘she must have it made’, I mean, people think I have it made, and no complaints, but I’m still unpacking my own bags – I’m sure Adele is not.

A year without sex or a year without laughter?

Oh God, fuck sex, I wanna fucking laugh. Let’s laugh at people having sex, how’s that?

And if you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

DON’T DO IT, DRAG IS A TRAP! [Laughs] Nah, I’m still doing what I did as a kid; going out there and being fearless. But it’s funny when you look back and the things that made you think ‘oh God, I can’t go on’, you’re like, what a piece of shit that was. But no, I have no regrets! All of it has led up to this exciting interview, so how could I have regrets!