PHWOARR! We may need a minute. Our 90210 fave is back in our life – and just how we like him – half-naked. These latest photos of Trevor Donovan will drown your ovaries in the stunning photo shoot by the crashing waves on Malibu. And you think this hunk looks wet? You should see the puddle around our ankles. Thought our damn waters had broke. And while the shoot may look like he’s the new face of Davidoff, alas he’s not. In fact, we’re not sure there was more than a reason behind Devin Dygerts splashin’ photography — other than to remind us how damn fine Donovan still is — not that it’s a problem by any means, we’re just happy to have Trevor and his tight torso to ogle again…

It’s been a while since that Cosmo shoot after all…





[H/T: NNN]