Channing Tatum promises to give fans of the Magic Mike franchise, the 3D experience at the film’s premier screening. Well, we’ve worn countless pairs of those flimsy glasses and ain’t never got a boner-raising experience like this. As the audience are interviews about their expectations and hopes for the sequel, one woman simply states she has “no” cares for the plot.

While other thirsty queens were gagging over the thought of dick pon di screen. How depressing if that’s the closest you get to a 3-Dimensional cock. Mister sister needs to find herself a cruising ground.

This vid proves WHY we loves Channing a bit too much… His personality as well as all those looks/moves/booty. *Sweats profusely*


The way that lady’s like, “Well, Channing Tatum just twerked on my lap…” She don’t give a fuck what you gotta say waving your mic in her face, that bish couldn’t give any less fucks if she got mauled by a rogue mentally unstable horse as she’s leaving the cinema. She dying HAPPY.

XXL hits UK cinemas on July 3rd.

[H/T: Queerty]