The Standard reports that police are investigating another incident where somebody has died in Waterloo-based sauna, Pleasuredrome. A couple weeks ago, we brought up the topic as the whether or not saunas should be closed down. Naturally, opinions are divided between those that think the outdated tradition has no place in modern society, and is not only a dangerous establishment for our community, but that it sets back gay culture for years. Others, feel that everyone shouldn’t be punished for the individuals mistakes, and that patrons engaging in drug-related behaviour are safer in saunas than at sex parties… Obviously not.

The death is being treated as “unexplained”. Oh, is GBL overdose not a reason now? Funnily enough, people don’t just drop dead for no reason. Is that how serious the drug problem is in London, that even police are unaware of the epidemic? Police were called at approximately 3.40pm by the hospital when the 37-year-old man who had been admitted to St. Thomas’ Hospital died there after being admitted. This follows an incident where three men died at the same sauna in 2012.

Yes, it goes without saying that had the man not been at the sauna, he might have overdosed anyway. Or, not having anywhere to go that was open 24 hours offering sleazy sex, he might have gone home. It’s impossible to tell, and it always will be. But the question remains, what are we going to do about this? We can’t seriously keep turning a blind eye when people are dying like this. It’s not normal! I’ve mentioned this before, but saunas aren’t nightclubs – they don’t come with security and medic rooms. Of course the saunas aren’t to blame for each individuals drug consumption, but they are a gateway to them. They do provide a place for people to do them. Are people really any safer here than at chill outs or sex parties? It certainly wouldn’t seem so.

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