Well, as most of you will know, being in the spotlight is not all autographs and interviews on Loose Women; it has it’s downsides too. As amateur ‘porn’ maker and body builder Michael Hoffman has found out. His latest video is in slightly different taste to his others, so just as a pre-warning, it does last 8 minutes and he doesn’t even get naked. So depending on how bored your life is, or if you even give two shits about a pair of Z-listers arguing over porn rights, feel free to watch below.

Michael Hoffman is claiming that he can’t even walk down the street without being recognised as the man who “ate his own cum”. Erm, sorry boo but I don’t think you have anyone to blame there but yourself. You made the video. You sent the video out. And yes, you ate your own cum.

But the row runs deeper as Hoffman claims he has no idea who Brent Everett is:


No surprise, if he just repressed the memory of the douche bag like the rest of the world.


But Brent, who spoke with The Gaily Grind says different. Claiming that him and his personal manager (and husband) Steve Pena offered Michael Hoffman $8k – $10k for a shoot which Hoffman then declined. But later offered them 14 videos for $250.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.50.19

They then further issued this statement to The Gaily Grind:

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.12.03

But what’s not actually clear is what they offered him $8k – $10k to do.¬†Knowing them lot it was probably 8k to fuck Brent Everett so perhaps that’s why he declined. Still though, 14 videos for $250, desperate times.

But anyway, as you’ve seen Hoffman whinge “Brent Everett does NOT have my permission blah blah blah”, but Brent went on to show these texts between the two:



Not to mention proof of a transaction between the two…


To be fair though, if somebody didn’t have permission to release videos of you, you’d be taking them to court not sitting there making lame viral videos desperately attempting to slag them off. Think this case is basically closed. But we’ll await a full on public meltdown from Hoffman anyway.