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Don’t you hate it when airport security are just so over the top. This guy certainly does. Apparently they asked him to remove his belt, which he thought was a bit too cautious, and was all, You want me to take the fucking belt off? I’m gonna take it all off, you fuckin’ cunts! Well, not in so many words.

Love how he’s trying to make this big old protest, and security are just like, really bitch? That all you got? Please, we do cavity searches before our morning coffee.

“At least he was in shape”. The Fox News reporter sees no problem with nudity. Unless you’re a fat bastard.

I remember the second time I was flying to Gran Canaria, strutting through the airport wearing a top that stated ‘NOW I’M THAT BITCH’ (yeah, that Livvi Franc hype was still alive), and airport security clearly thought let’s take this sassy fag down a peg or three. They made me take off my boxing boots – having to undo the one THOUSAND laces they come with. Anybody that’s worn them before will understand my struggle. #MiddleClassProblems

So hey, I feel you.