BY Anthony Gilét

In a campaign that helps promote safer sex, over HIV testing week and World AIDS Day, Alexsandro Palombo has drawn a variety of disney princes posing in their pants and brandishing condoms to highlight the importance of safer sex. Palmobo believes that educating the younger generation is a big factor because they have not yet experienced/encountered the effects of HIV (whether that be themselves, or through friends and families). He says, “for a lot of them the AIDS remains something abstract and so they underestimate the risks of contagions”.

Perhaps Disney characters is aiming at an audience slightly too young to even know what condoms are – cut to little kids doing the crotch grab at nursery, procaliming “but Aladdin does it!”

But the fact is, that even gays in their thirties love Disney. And if we really wanted to clutch at hair extensions – it just looks like the same body/pose used each time with different heads stuck on. Just a little bland really. There’s a couple we don’t even recognise because they don’t have their fabulous accessories. But I spose if it prevents at least one person from having unprotected sex and catching the virus – it’s worth it!