What’s the best thing about the festive period? Endless parties? Good food? Seeing family? Sure, we love those, but while we’re stuck in the office we’ll settle for the plethora of fit D-listers, scantily clad in a bid to make a few extra bucks over the New Year. Because calendars aren’t an old fashioned notion at all. But you know, if they’re sexy enough, who cares…






Calendars are like music videos; they’re an opportunity to wear things you wouldn’t in every day life, play different characters and really get into those roles. All the things Mario Falcone has missed out. Don’t get us wrong, he’s fit, but these pics are as bland as his personality. They’d be fine for a Seventeen magazine shoot, but this is your calendar! Your budget should be bigger than your IQ babe. I’ve seen slicker snaps on Instagram. Still, though, if man wants to try be David Beckham, as long as she’s losing her clothes, we’ll let her have a go.