As part of the filming for this season’s The Only Way Is Essex, Dan Osborne – underwear model, Dreamboys stripper and Attitude’s Sexiest Man 2014 – has taught the rest of the cast some of his moves. In a episode which airs on the program this week, Elliott, Tommy, Tom Pearce, Lewis Bloor, James Locke and James Bennewith go The Full Monty in front of their cast mates.






And while we’d never knock seeing Elliott, Tom Pearce, James Locke and even Tommy windmill their willies on stage to the infamously cheesy Tom Jones’ ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’, we’re a little stumped about the rest of the line-up. Having Lewis Bloor and James Bennewith on stage¬†look like the two average Joes that won a competition to be part of this.

So how does Lewis throw shade at Lauren (Pope) for her age when he’s been hiding more muffin top than you’d find in Arg’s cupboards? Sit yo’ cracker ass down. And while James Bennewith doesn’t seem like a bad guy, he’s the only guy in Essex that could call a chiropodist for his face. Fair play for finally putting down the Playstation controller though.











We wonder if this scene will help crank up the shows views? Which, through the grape vine are starting to dwindle.