The much anticipated drama Looking, that centres around three gay friends; Patrick, Agustin, and Dom living in San Francisco aired last night on HBO. Getting into a new show can always be difficult; letting new characters be a part of your life is a big thing for TV buffs. So how did they fair?

Yeah, not bad at all! The three main characters are easy to identify with and you can see bits of yourself and your friends in each of them. And their obsession with social media is spot on. Patrick (Jonathan Groff) has an semi-awkward date that turns into a majorly disastrous one and if you haven’t done that before – you frankly haven’t lived. And as the date came to an end, I almost died; everybody has been on a date with that guy. Before attending his ex’s bachelor party (yes, more awkwardness ensues).

Meanwhile, older stud Dom (Murray Bartlett) fears he’s losing his sex appeal and Agustin (Frankie J. Alvarez) faces new ground with his boyfriend. Yes, perhaps from the first episode it seems that all these guys are even remotely concerned with is sex; but that’s what makes it fun. This blog would be a loss less popular if I started talking about politics or terminal illness, and I can see a gritty realism/fluffy escapism that Cocktails and Cocktalk and Looking have in common. I think this could be a new obsession! Especially once they throw in some more explicit sex scenes and Russel Tovey shows up!

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