OK, firstly can we talk about those rat tails Rihanna is tryna pass off as hair?! Even you can’t pull off this mangey mullet. She looks like a straight rockstar circa 1976. Or a lesbian biker circa 1983. I’m guessing RiRi wanted to get the video out quite quickly after the backlash of her cooch-clutching ‘Pour it Up’ video, but as if she didn’t have time to stop by Vidal Sassoon beforehand. Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s opted for the tatty hair for a reason, but that look only works on white trash (see Britney’s ‘Slave 4 U’ video). It seems she’s gone back to her gothic chic style phase, which I’m just not really feeling for her. Still, her make up is completely flawless and you can tell she’s even though she’s kept her toned physique covered up that it’s still there.

In the video we see her in a long white – abeit sheer – dress, and watch as she gradually goes more demented throughout the video. The whole concept is kept quite simple though (something Rihanna tends to do for her more ballad-esque numbers, rather than her more upbeat tracks), which is cool. And she’s one of the rare artists that can writhe around for four minutes without it looking repetitive. The video clips towards the end of the tape represent the torment going on inside her, and do that effectively.

It’s the kind of belt out song that doesn’t needa lot of choreography or smoke and mirrors for the video, but it would’ve been a little more interesting to watch with some… erm, smoke and mirrors.

Rating: 3/5