Honestly, I’ve been awaiting the release of this film since they showed the clip of a pre-teen boy in drag entering a beauty pageant on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man. HILAR. Bad Grandpa comes from Johnny Knoxville and the makers of Jackass, but differs from their usual ‘painful stunts’ approach. The loose narrative behind the film is about an 8 year-old boy whose mother is sent to jail for possession of drugs, and he is sent on a road trip across American with his (bad) grandad to hand him over to his father while the crack hoe does time.

Filmed in a ‘Balls of Steel’ real audience-reaction style, the real joy of this film comes from seeing some of the genuine expressions of the unsuspecting pawns of a gigantic prank. Jackson Nicoll is hilarious (and crazily cute) as Billy; the kid who says inappropriate things to strangers. The concept is much funnier than the usual Jackass skits and the restaurant scene will generally have you ROARING with laughter. Fans of gross-out comedy, do not miss this!

Rating: 4/5