3 seconds in and I’m loving this tune already. To be fair, how can you not love Little Mix? They’re cute, genuine, well-styled and know how to lay down a catchy pop tune. They’re budget for videos is obviously getting bigger too because ‘Move’ (the fifth single from the quartet) reminds me of the Pussycat Dolls in the way it’s shot.

Peri-Peri Chicken still has some form of annoying headwear, but other than that they look great – especially Jesy! You can tell she’s been working out hard (gwan gal!) Speaking of Jesy, that little rift with those smooth vocals is definitely the best part. I feel like the song is a combination of genres, that can only be described as cheesy-Urban-pop. The video isn’t amazing – but they look dead fresh and you can tell they’re having fun – and it’s good to see a group not taking themselves too seriously. It’ll be a grower nevertheless (as you’ll see parts of the song are catchier than others) the more it gets played out in commercial bars/clubs but I think they’ll just get better from here.