For those of you who are up-to-date with Revenge (episode 2 of Season 3 airs tomorrow evening in the US), will be aware that producers have cast a HART-throb as Victoria Grayson’s long lost son. Justin Hartley plays Patrick Harper, the estranged (if ever-so studly) son of the Hamptons biggest bitch – and it seems he isn’t shy about getting his kit off either as he cavorts around in a towel in the very first episode.

If you recognise Hartley from Smallville, you’ll know that he’s a man who just gets better with age – his body is in better shape than ever before and a role like this could really put him on the map!


Justin Hartley in Emily Owens M.D. Episode 1.03

And we’re dying to see what he was showing Christa B. Allen in this shot (below)…


Have the Revenge producers done good with this new eye candy? Or does it seem like their attempting to put together a secondary 90210 to boost ratings that were lower than last season?

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