After reading a number of so-so reviews about this film, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. It actually made me laugh – and that’s saying something for a Jennifer Aniston movie. The plot centers around four of life’s misfits that come together as a fake family in a drug smuggling ploy, along the way they soon realise that the money isn’t what’s important any more. An original enough storyline if you ask me, although predictable and over-the-top in places. In fact I think one of the reasons I enjoyed the movie so much was that I knew where it was going (maybe I was just in a simple mind-set), but it’s fluffy harmless fun and the tent scene is a riot. It’s hard to shake of ‘Rachel from Friends’ when watching Aniston act, but she does it well and still has a cracking body for a 40-something (which was the movie’s clear selling point – although I personally prefer her as the rigid All-American mother than the broke ass stripper). Look out for Will Poulter (Kenny Rossmore) in future films – he’s a British actor set to make it big! Don’t expect a deep and underlying plot or bend-over-double laughs but it’s perfect for a Monday afternoon when you’re brain is flat-lining after the weekend. Roll up a doobie and enjoy.

Rating: 7/10