Lady Gaga’s new album ‘Artpop’ has been one of the most anticipated albums of 2013. I’m really intrigued to see what she comes back with – Fame Monster was amazing, although her second album ‘Born This Way’ sucked. MAJOR sucked. And I mean sucked like Kristen Stewart auditioning for her part in Twilight. Even the visuals were just weird (minus ‘Judas) – and even get me started on that Edge of Glory hair. I liked the Artpop cover, so was definitely looking forward to the video. (WAS!)

And just when you thought she might restrain from going fully NUTS  – the video back to that loco shit like before. She said she wanted a ‘fresh start’ with this album so why has she gone back to that strange style that nobody gets. I was really expecting more from her – instead that Eddie Izzard/Beetlejuice get-up, seriously WTF?! And that swan with her head on it is just laughable. PLAIN LAUGHABLE! If ever you thought there wasn’t such a thing of being TOO out there – yes, yes there is. And this is it. I love the massive ‘pillow’-esque vogue outfit at the start and she looks gorgeous with her “natural” look but that third leg she is dragging around is just a bit too much for me. She should also have more sense that to be bouncing are in a bra when she’s put on a few pounds! What do you think?