What with the worst weather in recent months, it’s hard to be as daring as one wants to be. Now the weather is getting better, the clothes are certainly getting skimpier. 2013 is all about crops. It take a brave boy to pull off a crop top, but if can definitely be done – pull open any Coitus magazine. The way to wear a crop depends totally on the look you’re going for and the event you’re attending. I personally prefer one that only take a couple inches off the bottom, giving a little glimpse of flesh when your top sashays in the wind; they’re also the most flattering (unless you’re ripped) exposing that flat bit of stomach between your navel and your privates. If you want to veer away from the “camp” look as much as possible, leave a snail trail. If you’re not comfortable flaunting your lower abs, wear a vest and layer it with a crop jumper – and feel free to take this much higher than you would have done.
They also give a ‘fashion’-twist for pool-party outfits…

…And incorporate props.

Feel free to hack into items of clothing you’re not going to wear again to create new looks too.