BY Anthony GiletDuncan James from Blue for interview with GT magazine

This month Duncan James sheds his clothes and graces the cover of Gay Times magazine. The star of recently re-united boy band Blue has undoubtedly become more popular since coming out as bisexual (because the gays on the scene now think that they’re in with half a chance). Puh-lease! Half the guys I know that said they would chat him up couldn’t even get a good-looking bus boy, let alone a hot guy that’s in a band. So maybe they should just pop down to Tesco and grab a copy of GTs latest and bash one off over the cover, as this is probably the closest they’ll get to getting in his pants. Some nice shots of Mr. James, even if the artistic concept is a little dull; not expecting Annie Leibovitz – but a red backdrop in all shots is very period (and I’m not talking about the era).

He’s undoubtedly handsome and we’re loving the tat work too…




Our personal fave…




And F.Y.I. we can’t wait for Blue to comeback.

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