I FINALLY got round to seeing this film! And it was so worth it! The trailer for the film doesn’t give too much away but you know when it recieves positive accredations from across the board that the chances are it isn’t going to disappoint. Emily (Rooney Mara) is a young woman that has been waiting for her husband’s four-year prison term to come to an end, and while the day that he gets out should one that makes her happy, she finds herself on the verge of suicide. I can’t really say to much more without giving things away, and it’s better if you just see for yourselves – but the twists leave you hooked until the end. Jude Law delivers a great performance as Jonathan Banks – a doctor being put through his paces when he takes on a new patient, and Catherine Zeta Jones deserves a mention for her role as Dr. Seibert, while Channing Tatum is as delicious as ever.

The plot is well crafted and the reveal at the end makes it all worth-while… And while the narrative doesn’t delve into the deeper meaning of life, it keeps you on your toes while remaining highly entertaining. Other features competiting for best picture of 2013 will find it hard to compete. Dark, clever, sinister and alluring.