So apparently Grindr isn’t the only gay-hook-up-while-your-high app on the market. Maybe I’m losing my touch but I only heard of Hornet through a friend a couple weeks ago, and seen as Grindr was only putting me in touch with men so high they couldn’t stay hard and trolls so ugly wouldn’t get hard – I thought it was worth the free download to see what was about. I haven’t been high since I downloaded it – correction, I haven’t been on the app while I’ve been high – so haven’t met anyone off there. But it seems the conversations can be just as ridiculous and funny as good ol’ Grindr.

"An artist soul" was the bit that slayed me.

“An artist soul” was the bit that slayed me.


And then did you know that on Facebook, there’s a whole shit load of messages that you never see without specifically looking for them. By clicking on “Messages” and then “Other” you’ll see all the messages that Facebook deemed spam! Who knew?! You might get ratchet queens telling you what they think…

Weak bitch. *Schooled*

Weak bitch. *Schooled*

Or you might get people giving you praise…

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 12.33.34

Although this blog is provided for comedic value – not your wank bank – I’ll accept the compliment. And you think this is horny? Bitch, you should see my sexting. *Files nails.