You don’t need to be a genius to notice that Chris Mears is ripping off Tom Daley is as many ways as possible. The ever-shrinking swimwear, the boy-next-door haircut, and the sexually-comfortable appeal to the gays. Tom Daley is either the world’s smartest straight sportsman, or the sport industries biggest closet case. Either way, he knows that the less clothes = the more fans. A little something that Chris Mears seems to have caught on to!

Most of us didn’t realise how hot Chris Mears actually was, primarily because when he’s diving he looks like he has chronic piles. But when he dashed out his clothes for this month’s GT Naked Issue, we had second thoughts. Actually, to be precise, we had first thoughts – as we hadn’t actually heard of him before. #TrueShit

Jailbait doesn’t really flick my buttons, but you can’t deny an attractive lad – “oooh young man!” – Harry Enfield. Rip off or not – that would be a ‘back off’.