iSEX: A Playlist to Pound to, is a track list that everyone should have on their iTunes: comprised of the dirty lyrics and duty beats that just make you wanna get down (on your knees, that is). We respect that everyone’s taste in music is different, but every couple of months we’ll be throwing some new (and old) jams your way to keep that list as fresh as Jennifer Lopez in the latest issue of Harpers Bizarre (a little too fresh if you ask me). If you missed the first two iSEX playlist, the links are after the jump.



The latest song from Cheryl has seemed to have divided audiences, it’s like Florence Welsh’s fashion sense – you either love it or hate it. And while I hate those things Florence calls ‘clothes’, I love this track. Slick backing and soft vocals make this ideal for fucking with intimacy. And the wind machines in the video make you feel like Mariah every time you hear it. *Winds body like Mariah.



This song is so much more about the prelude to the sex, the opening line gets me every time because it’s about two people that know what they are doing is wrong. Hot. And what you might find is that day dreaming about forbid eye contact across a crowded room is much hotter than thinking about the sex itself.



The harder backing of ‘Mirrors’ makes it a popular track for street-strutting, but the chorus says it all; “Turning the lights out, burning the candles, and the mirrors gon’ fog tonight…” It’s about pure passion. The varying pace make it perfect for an ‘alternating session’, whereby one minute it’s a bit hard and rough, and the next minute it’s slow and deep. And if you’re done before the song, use the rest of the song to strut out to while he’s in the still in the shower.



This song takes me back to my teenage hood. This wasn’t such a popular song for Wayne One-Hit-Wonder, but the summer beat of the song is all about the winding. I remember I heard this song on my iPod coming home from school once. It was about May, scorching heat and I was eating a Twister. And I went in on that lolly. 



This ones Old School, but it’s a classic. I love watching films and hearing a song you haven’t heard in ages. I heard this watching ‘The Perks of being a Wallflower’ (feroshe film). The standard ‘white-male-vocals’ over a stricly acoustic sound make it more about love making/slow dancing – but you can just feel the emotion.

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