The Twitter pic that had tongues wagging about R.W’s new form!

This week Robbie releases his new single ‘Candy’, *insert multiple jokes about sucking on his treats here. I’ve never been a fan of Robbie Williams’ music, but this song I actually like. And Ellie from Skins is looking hot in the video! And from what I here, his single looks to do quite well (certainly expected to break the Top 10).

So we’re discussing the latest track over salads and Happy Hour…
“Yes. And he’s FIT!” My totally uncooth points out. Really? Don’t get me wrong, he’s not ugly – but I would by no means be all over him in a club. But I guess he has that London lad/comfortable with his sexuality charm. That charm that makes you think you have a slight chance – you don’t bitch…

“Erm, he’s alright…”
“And have you seen the uncensored ‘Rock DJ’ video?”

I hadn’t. I’d heard of it back in the day, bout how he starts ripping off his flesh and throwing it at skinny models, the same sort of banter when you wave a frankfurter  in a vegetarians face – it’s funny.

“Do I want to?”
Little did she [me] know the full scene-by-scene. It’s so old news. But if it’s new to me, it might be new to you. And if it’s not, whatever bitches, relive the moment.