So ever since 3:02 into Katy Perry’s TGIF video, where she tore up fashion’s rule book and put her shoes on in the dark, everybody’s been secretly dying to try something SO daringly off-centered.

Katy Perry did it first, but I did it beter

So I did it, I loved it, it’s trending.
So get switch mixing. This ties in with my next point…

Well, not president, but Prime Minister doesn’t sound as good! Well Done to Boris Johnson(?) or whoever it was, for standing up to twenty six countries in the much-publicized Euro millions debate! I stand up to hundreds of people everyday by wearing whatever the f*ck I want, i.e. Contrasting pumps.
As if someone’s gunna be like “FAGGOT” out their crusty white van, it’s a hairflip!
Therefore: You flip yo’ hair and yo’ move on! It’s not about being hurled abuse at cos you’re wearing a fur gilet on Brixton highstreet, it’s about wearing what you want, because that’s who you are. Standing up for what you believe – Like the prime minster, Gordon Brown(?).