Kurt and Harry arrive at Wotsit called? Oh yeah The Wrap Party for TOWIE.

The Only Way is Essex’s latest and least orange addition: Kurt Evans talks exclusively to Cocktails and Cocktalk about make up mistakes, date disasters and dressing up for sex…

Gilet: Do you believe in the TOWIE curse?
Kurt: Well I’m not sure there is a curse, but one of the crew was recently attacked, so draw from that what you will….

G: OMG. By like a human or a dog?
K: A human. *laughs*

G: Will you be back next series?
K: Noone really knows til January.

G: Have you and Harry consummated the relationship?
K: That’s private! *laughs*

G:Cocktails and Cocktalk shares numerous dating disasters of mine, whats the worst date you’ve had?
K: Erm… The time I was meant to have dinner with Conway [Jack], I turned up an hour late, he had already eaten, so we went to G-A-Y bar. We ordered wine, I had a bottle to myself, where I hadn’t eaten I got bladderd.
I proceeded to climb on his lap and dry hump him, needless to say the date ended quickly….. Jack went home I stayed out and continued to drink and ended up getting off with someone who I was later informed looked like lump from the goonies ugly brother.

G: *Laughs* Classic! Maybe you should write the blog instead! There’s also a lot of uniforms. Ever dressed up for sex?
K: The standard school uniform.
G: Standard.
K: I got head dressed in drag.
G: Tranny Head! *Laughs* That is the One!

G: On the scale of 1 – 10 how good in bed are you?
K: 8

G: As a make up artist, how important are a mans eyebrows?
K:They are the key to anyone’s face, be in male or female.
G: I knew it…

G: And as a make up artist, what is the worst make up mistake you’ve seen on the set of TOWIE?
K: There is no such thing as a makeup mistake… As its all about interpretation but I have noticed that a certain lady often has on SOO much gloss she gets that sticky, stringy thing on… Makes me heave.

Well I’m clueless to that one! Anyway, thanks Kurt for your time, and we’ll do lunch soon girl